KK who? (about me)

I am the passenger

I stay under glass
I look through my window so bright
I see the stars come out tonight
I see the bright and hollow sky
Over the city's ripped backsides
And everything looks good tonight

(photo (c) varialartworks.com)

My name is Karolina Koblenova, KK for short, or CarolineCream for most of my internet logins. If I was a stripper or a porn-star, I´d definitely go with Carolina Cream :3  But I  like my own name so you see, I´m not winning an original-nick-award :D

Czech Republic. I live in three places, can´t stay in only one. 
Stříbro-My parent´s house, my studio (and also the most part of my beloved wardrobe is here)
Pilsen: My student´s life.
Praque: my love lives there and I work there as a model.

Astrological sign: Aries

Student of Painting at the ZCU University in Pilsen, BcA program. Also getting a master´s degree in Pedagogy (Arts) this year.

Photographer/painter/camwhore taken to another level. Have been compared to Cindy Sherman few times, which is wonderful and annoying at the same time, as comparisons tend to be. I often work with my own body and transformation. Selfshots, let´s say not to sound too fancypants.

Photomodel - camwhoring not just in selfshots. Mostly art stuff, or regular nudes/glamour. You can see me on the gallery walls from Beijing through Moskau to New York, but be sure you won´t recognize me at the first sight. My face has been also featured in few monography books and - a fun fact- on a furniture line :) 

Me by Vladimir Zidlicky
For DraculaClothing

My homme-fatale.
Me and Denerog
Mixing fashion styles. 
Sloths (cutest animals ever!)
Sun - Sea combination. 
Romanticism and Victorian era. 
Cute stuff. 
Creepy stuff. 
Yummy stuff (I love eating).
Chuck Palahniuk´s brain, Tarantino´s camera, Dali  ´s moustache, Warhol´s toupee.
South Park. 
The Sims 2!
Weird hairstyles. 
Androgyne appearance.
Money (yeah, let´s face it)

Predictable points in movies.
Cold feet.
Oily hair.
Collective sports.
Assholes --- People in public transport ---Sometimes, let´s just say people.
Waking up. 

The Fight Club, Inglourious Basterds, Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill (Tarantino FTW), Sin City, The Big Fish, Edward Scissorhands, Sweeney Todd (yeah Burton fan), Juno, Harold and Maude, Dogwille, Dancer in the Dark (fuck yea Lars von Trier!), Girl Interrupted, Donnie Darko, Shining, Clockwork Orange, Most of Woody Allen´s comedies.
I also like animated movies - all those Shreks, Madagascar, Ice Age etc stuff. 
I´m very fond of the Alien and Terminator Movies, and basically all the old stuff with Schwarzenegger.
My number one cry movie is AI- artificial intelligence. It´s a tear-machine.

Series: South Park, Red Dwarf, Big Bang Theory, Little Britain. House MD, Bylo nás pět :3 (old czech one)

Gunther Grass - The Tin Drum
Chuck Palahniuk- Invisible Monsters
Vladimir Nabokov- Lolita
Gaston Leroux - Phantom of The Opera (Don´t like the movies though. They never made it like the book)
Ladislav Fuks - Natalie Mooshabre´s Mice (being also the autor of The Cremator, Fuks is the czech creep nr.1)
Vratislav Maňák - The dress of plastic (Šaty z igelitu) - It´s my friend´s book of short stories actually. It´s pretty good stuff.

David Bowie, that whole 1980´era like Echo and the Bunnyman, Tears for Fears, Depeche Mode, Siouxsie and the Banshees, 1960 hippie music, The Doors, Velvet Underground, Patti Smith, Simon and Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen, Pink Floyd, ELO, Rolling Stones, Offspring, KISS, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Bjork, Emilia Autumn, Florence and the Machine, Dresden Dolls.
Broadway Musicals!
From czech music I listen to Marsyas, Psí Vojáci, Květy, Plastic People of the Universe and Plexis.

Designers/ Brands
Vivienne Westwood.
Alexander McQueen.
Angelic Pretty
Emily Temple Cute

Fashion Icons:

Tilda Swinton
Marie Antoinette
Anna Varney Cantodea

 Contact me for anything

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