Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Tel Aviv Dreaming

Click to read about my dream-holiday. 
But BEWARE, because:
1) it´s picture-heavy
2) It´s not a fashion post, you´ll see me in sweatshirt
2) there are my super-amateur videos too
3) I am sometimes being too sentimental

Thursday, May 22, 2014

SoLolita almost head to toe... without being a lolita (Sponsored review)

Hello! Let´s go to VOLUME 2 post about what came in my last SoLolita parcel.
With the lavender wig there were 2 beautiful bracelet-rings and cute over-knee socks.
I wore it all for my photoshoot with my photographer friend Ketmara.

this is a little recapitulation of all my SoLolita items - I really think I can choose well :)

Black Lace Nonwoven Flower with Pearls Lolita Bracelet

A rather gothic lolita item, a bracelet with detailed black butterfly, passes into a victorian ring. Elegant and classy, yet dramatic accessory. I wore it in black -white combination, together with another piece of my SoLolita stuff - Over knee lolita socks, that you can find at their web as:

First I was worried about the socks, having already some unpleasant experience from random shops that sell lolita socks: Usually, what was meant to be over knee socks (It was! On a tiny, thin Asian model) was under-knee socks on me. My legs of average (I am quite slim and not very tall) proportions always used to deform the cute lolita designs, so Milky-Chans became mutant and lolipops were oval instead of round! Only my skinny legged friends wore these socks and looked normal.

BUT NOT THIS TIME!- see, these socks suit me, are long enough and elastic enough... 
chill in the sun---

Gorgeous Four Red Rose and A Big Flower Lolita Bracelet

This beauty was my love at first sight with instant "I-NEED-THIS"- kind of reaction!
I love the four rings - a rose on each finger, like those knuckle tatoos with LOVE or HATE written on one´s fingers. The rose rings are all adjustable, of course, so they´ll fit the middle finger as well as the little one. Four chains connect them with really HUGE red rose on your wrist.
I can wear it with goth, streetwear or something crazy boho- and in all cases it makes a cherry on top of the outfit. BEHOLD!

• shoes: Topshop • tights: OASAP • bag: OASAP • shirt: Amisu • floral crown: Classy lady (visit visit visit the page! It´s my friends´little brand)
• skirt, that you don´t see :D: OASAP • Wig: second hand from my friend Veni (you should definitely look at her blog for she has unique style and is all-over awesome!)

all photos by Ketmara! 
(you should visit her blog too, for she is not only a beautiful lolita, but also a talented photographer)

And this one is by Mike Darzi from my Tel Aviv shooting:
(Skirt: Fan+Friend, belt: H&M, ring/bracelet SoLolita)

Monday, May 19, 2014

Lavender waves (SoLolita Wig sponsored review)

Hello my dear readers/watchers/stalkers,

As you know already, I was lucky to get a chance to cooperate with lovely store SoLolita, who supplied me recently with more awesome stuff.
The total top is  a wig I call "the lavender waves" and that´s what I am blogging about in this post.

 It´s a fluffy, full, high quality lolita wig of lavender colour mixed with yellow highlights, that comes with two big detachable "pony tails". I love the curls, the material which looks silky and is smooth and surprisingly good to brush for a synthetic curly wig. Not talking about the colour combination, which is amazingly sweet.

At the store you find it as: 

                                               Lolita Dreamful Purple with Light Yellow Curly Cosplay Wig

I made many photos with the wig on already, some from fashion shoot I had with my friend Ketmara, some artistic and I even had this wig with me in Tel Aviv where I went for modeling - and used in a photoshoot as well!:) So my wig is not only universal but also world- traveled :)

OUTFIT #1 - photos by Ketmara
Inspired by the sixties and classic comics, I found a match in my yellow coat and the yellow strands of hair in the wig. The round black glasses go with black round buttons. This outfit was - to my big surprise - selected as "inspiration" at czech fashion critic web Modni Peklo! 

Wig: SoLolita
Yellow coat: Vintage
silver thin belt: Vintage
Apricot chiffon skirt, tights: Oasap
Suede wedges with golden studs: Aldo

This time it´s the wig with the hairfalls attached, creating more "manga" look with "big" head compared to the classically sexy silhouette in minidress. The loose galaxy print t-shirt dressed over the dress is for me a good way how to tune the "sexiness" down a bit. F. e. I wear it with the t- shirt at work, then go to the party and take the t- shirt off.

"Striped" little black dress: Oasap, tights: Oasap, Shoes: the same, Aldo, galaxy shirt: Amisu

...this backstage pic shows how I love SoLolita wigs! :D

And now let´s go for some artistic pics taken by Denerog in my studio:

and last one, from Tel Aviv by Mike Darzi:

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sideshow Cheerleader (outfit,DYI)

Freaks 1932 are my favourite movie and the chant "Gooble Gobble, one of us" is not only creepy as f*ck, but also it´s an incredibly strong chant of acceptance - of being different. I felt like having a shirt with it is a MUST, so I made myself one. The font I used and the design with stars is ironically similar to sport t-shirt designs, because I love the idea of Gooble Gobble being remixed and filmed into a fight chant with freakish cheerleaders dancing with pompoms...:) !

My outfit is basically inspired by 1950 ´s fashion - something like Grease´s pink ladies would wear in  parallel reality, where freaky is normal and "normal" is weird - exactly like in the Freaks movie.

I designed the motif in InDesign, printed it out, cut with scissors and use as a template for handwriting with textile colour. I used basic H&M asymetric long top.

more photos:

I also made a "REDRUM" shirt, a homage to King and Kubrick and their immortal classic The Shining. I´ll sow you next time.

Now a little more to Freaks. For my art exhibition I had in January I made 3 photographic self portraits impersonating Freaks characters - which were real people in 1930´s circus freakshow bussiness. I am fascinated by their lives and stories so much.

I used myself as a model because it was an inner experience for me to impersonate them. To feel like Daisy and Violet Hilton who are never alone, or like Josephine - neither woman nor a man, or like Elvira and Jennie Lee the pinheads, who are little girls in wonderland that never grew up though they are 30.

So here "they" are - all stylings/manips by me.

Feel free to comment - on the movie, or the self portraits, or the outfit - I really appreciate your words :3

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

End is near (outfit/ photoshoot/sololita wig review)

In last shironuri article you could see my Sololita wig styled and all feathered up and decorated to match the forest fairy look. But I know it is not the right review material so I did a little photoshoot with the wig when on meet-up with lovely Šárka, my future model :)

This time I left the wig straight, and only decorated it with a bow, beacuse I still did not cut the bangs and it´s so long it needs some pin to tie the hair to the side.
I love the colour, because I generally love mint and other pastel colours. This lenght also feels great to me, it´s my firt short wig and I love how comfortable it is. It is also easy to brush and the hair is silky, looking good in daylight or artificial light.
This photoshoot is basically two looks, because I changed a few details in the whole during the shooting to make one elegant and one rather gothic outfit. The black lipstick and neon shawl are what made the difference.

the wig is: 

"Lolita Short Straight White with Light Green Cosplay Wig"

and can be bought here at!

 Now for the photos:
(image heavy, photos made by Šárka BuckyCat, thank you!, and postproduced by me)