Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sideshow Cheerleader (outfit,DYI)

Freaks 1932 are my favourite movie and the chant "Gooble Gobble, one of us" is not only creepy as f*ck, but also it´s an incredibly strong chant of acceptance - of being different. I felt like having a shirt with it is a MUST, so I made myself one. The font I used and the design with stars is ironically similar to sport t-shirt designs, because I love the idea of Gooble Gobble being remixed and filmed into a fight chant with freakish cheerleaders dancing with pompoms...:) !

My outfit is basically inspired by 1950 ´s fashion - something like Grease´s pink ladies would wear in  parallel reality, where freaky is normal and "normal" is weird - exactly like in the Freaks movie.

I designed the motif in InDesign, printed it out, cut with scissors and use as a template for handwriting with textile colour. I used basic H&M asymetric long top.

more photos:

I also made a "REDRUM" shirt, a homage to King and Kubrick and their immortal classic The Shining. I´ll sow you next time.

Now a little more to Freaks. For my art exhibition I had in January I made 3 photographic self portraits impersonating Freaks characters - which were real people in 1930´s circus freakshow bussiness. I am fascinated by their lives and stories so much.

I used myself as a model because it was an inner experience for me to impersonate them. To feel like Daisy and Violet Hilton who are never alone, or like Josephine - neither woman nor a man, or like Elvira and Jennie Lee the pinheads, who are little girls in wonderland that never grew up though they are 30.

So here "they" are - all stylings/manips by me.

Feel free to comment - on the movie, or the self portraits, or the outfit - I really appreciate your words :3

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

End is near (outfit/ photoshoot/sololita wig review)

In last shironuri article you could see my Sololita wig styled and all feathered up and decorated to match the forest fairy look. But I know it is not the right review material so I did a little photoshoot with the wig when on meet-up with lovely Šárka, my future model :)

This time I left the wig straight, and only decorated it with a bow, beacuse I still did not cut the bangs and it´s so long it needs some pin to tie the hair to the side.
I love the colour, because I generally love mint and other pastel colours. This lenght also feels great to me, it´s my firt short wig and I love how comfortable it is. It is also easy to brush and the hair is silky, looking good in daylight or artificial light.
This photoshoot is basically two looks, because I changed a few details in the whole during the shooting to make one elegant and one rather gothic outfit. The black lipstick and neon shawl are what made the difference.

the wig is: 

"Lolita Short Straight White with Light Green Cosplay Wig"

and can be bought here at!

 Now for the photos:
(image heavy, photos made by Šárka BuckyCat, thank you!, and postproduced by me)

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shironuri (look)

Today I´m showing you my firt attempt at Shironuri style. I painted my face white and put on some laces and pastels for my lecture at J-Culture at Pragoffest 2014. This is by the way THAT event, that got me together with my man three years ago:).
I had two lectures / presentations, one on Shironuri and one on wigs in lolita/cosplay/japanese street styles. It was such a great weekend!

(more under the cut)

Friday, January 17, 2014

Liebe ist ein wilder Tier (Photoshoot + SoLolita dress review)

Hello there - today there´s gonna be some serious fashion so check it out:)

As I wrote earlier, I started a cooperation with SoLolita, which offered me to pick two items from their store. Today I am going to show you one of those, a classical looking red long sleeved lolita dress.

At the beginning of the review, the team of SoLolita is wonderful. Both customer and tailoring service!  When I was picking a size, I was hesitating between two sizes. One seeme to fit me well in measures, but not height - the measure chart was offering the size for someone 15 centimetres shorter than me (which I found funny sice I tend to consider myself a hobbit being 166 cm with most friends taller than me). I wrote the contact person and told my concern about the skirt looking too short or the waist too high on me. I was asked for my actual measures and soon A PERFECTLY CUSTOM TAILORED DRESS CAME TO ME. Fits me really well:

Because this article has to have the proper review part, I will write about the qualities not visible from photographs. The fabric is very good, quite thick with not much need of ironing. The skirt is very full, looks good with no petticoat but is a little bit too heavy for a small soft petticoats. The frills on the skirt, buttons and details on sleeves are tailored very well.
The dress came with two detachable bows and a belt. That makes the dress versatile which I appreciate. I used the bigger of the bows in this look and put it on my waist. I am looking forward to wearing this dress for example in more casual way combined with completely different belt. It also looks great with nothing added, no bows and stuff.

In this close-up you can see the white lace collar, which I decorated with white floral brooch pin to have the look more detailed&decorative:

I went for my longest wig to wear with it, the dark brown "Silky straight" from Lockshop. With many shades of red (from brownish to bright) and burgundy together with white details (as the collar, pumps and hair flower accessories) I tried to create a classical lolita look in rather unusual colorway, as the dress itself seems "too bright" for the classic lolita style and so does the white.

My make-up was also white and red. I created this porcelain doll appearance with a twist of "ill" or creepy look as the eyeshadows are red and eyeliner pale. I played with my eyebrows this time, painting it also reddish tone and finishing it with black dots.

I love this carousel musicbox that you can see in the photo below! I bought it at Prague´s biggest flea market, it´s not as old as it looks like but it plays a Christmas song. I so very enjoy old circus and carnival theme in general, as well as carousel horse theme in lolita fashion. And... since this beautiful dress reminded me of this Rammstein music video, I couldn´t take the photos elsewhere than in trees and branches. But it´s no fairytale forrest, it´s our garden:)

Thank for the photos to my cute and skilled boyfriend Denerog!


Next post will review this light-mint coloured wig - the other item I was happy to get from
Stay tuned:)

Monday, November 18, 2013

Frills, Reptiles and IceCream - Lolita meetup in Pilsen (report)

After a long time I was at lolita meetup organised by my friend Venea in Pilsen. It was wonderful day full of fun, and if you wonder about the strange title, yes, reptiles and icecream played a role in it. Frills are self-explanatory. And I didn´t mention Mortal Combat - how could I? Click to read the whole article and see all the photos - that I tuned a little bit in my favourite Pixlr.

For starters, this is us. The meetup was small but that´s what I appreciated. It was basically a meeting of old friends (the formerly famous Pilsen lolita Community, Plzeňské ženy!!! :D - aka "The Pilsner women") with one fresh member:)

from left to right: Myra, Venea, Maxë, me and Barborka. (foto by Barborka, thank you:))

Tuesday, October 29, 2013 - wishlist

This autumn I got the wonderful opportunity to cooperate with online gothic and lolita store
Before I order some of their beautiful clothing or a wig, I do a little wishlist thingy - to get my readers familiar with fashion and also to help myself decide what to order.

I don´t wear lolita fashion as much as I used to and I have changed my lolita style a lot. I´m not anymore searching for casual, because I don´t feel the burden of "having to wear lolita because I am a lolita". When I need comfortable and casual, I just don´t wear lolita. I also left sweet substyle behind me. What interests me the most about lolita these days, is the historical link in this fashion. Baroque, rococo, victorian. Very frilly, classy, decadent, almost haute-couture-looking and even over-the-top. This style is a perfect playground for my favourite playing with makeup, styling and a camera.

Now to my wishlist. I have chosen one (max.two) item from each category at store. Only category I left out is "punk" because it is not exactly my cup of absinth :)
Sorry there are only links, no direct pictures of clothes - On the pictures are not downloadable or directly linked to a picture URL. Just click the links and see my inspiration pics and videos :)

Dresses - sweet 

 Lolita Elegant Pink Long Sleeves Blue Cotton Stand Collar Lace Hem Sweet Dress

In this category I pick this beautiful dress, that i feel more like "classic" than "sweet", but whatever. I love the colourway, not to mention that i love carousel horse print. I would wear it with my pink wig.

Dresses - classic 

Original Retro Alice long sleeve Wine Red Flounced Classic Lolita Dress
From classic dresses I love this one the most. So frilly and all red, it reminds me of a Little Red Riding Hood walking though a winter woods. I think of german romanticist painters, the Grimm brothers and also of this music video by Rammstein:
I would definitely do a photoshoot inspired by "Du Riechts so gut" in that dress. I would sport them with bald head or black long wig.

Dresses - gothic 


White Cotton Stand Collar Feifei Sleeves Lace Trim Gothic Lolita Dress
With this dress, my thoughts stay in romatic visions. This beautiful white lacey dress with stand-up collar and interesting sleeves reminds me of the bridal costume that was worn by Coppola´s vampire beauty Lucy Westenra in Bram Stoker´s Dracula.

But it can be worn many more ways than a gothic way with pale makeup and grim atmosphere. I can imagine this dress combined with natural looking flower wreath and pastel colours in a cult-party kei outfit.
I would do both and more. I love that dress.

Dresses - gothic victorian


Gothic Victorian Pure Black Luxuriant Lolita Dress

and Luxuriant Prom Tiers Ruffle Sleeveless Gothic Victorian Lolita Dress
Well, this is a princess stuff. I love big dresses and these two are perfect. If you insist on another cultural reference, here it is: The Phantom of the Opera.


From skirt section I chose two completely different pieces. The first one is suitable for everyday look, I can imagine myself sporting it with black biker jacket and a pair of docs for workday, or with silver leggings, a bodysuit, high heel boots and big wig for more glamorous opportunity.

White Corset Multi-layer Pleated Lolita Skirt
This white one is a full lolita again, wonderful and frilly in pure white. Thinking of brides and creepy photoshoots again.


My favourite blouses at the store are these. They all are very victorian. I like this type of blouse both with skirts in proper historical way or with skinny jeans, oxfords and a jockey jacket for everyday fashion. Lady style or dandy style.

Lolita Special Bowtie Ruffle Collar Pink Lady Blouse


Lolita Vintage Black Lace Pearls with Butterfly Bracelet


Lolita Vintage Court Bride Lace Floral Cameo Drop Necklace

Gorgeous accessory.



Blue Lacing PU Sweet Lolita Shoes

These shoes are the first that really hit my eye. The shape is weird - but i love it. Want them, so I could explore the ways how to coordinate them. They are screaming for lace-top socks and a satchel bag.


Black Lacing PU Sweet Lolita Baba Shoes

And these are something I would wear all the time as my favourite shoes. I love platforms, but I don´t like walking on heels. This is the right option - cute shape, few centimetres added to my hobbit-like figure, comfortable walking, match with variety of styles I like to wear.


Dream Girls Curl Sweet Roleplay Lolita Wig

This one has such a pretty colour. I love the cut too, perfect for a flower wreath or simple bow. The hair seems thick and good quality. 

Queen Pink Long Curly Yellow Gradient Lolita Cute Cosplay Wig

This one is like vanilla/strawberry whipped ice cream and would perfectly go with my crazy drag-queen inspired stylings.

Purple Cute Roleplay Lolita Wig

And this one is purple and I love purple! :)

So that´s it, hope you enjoyed both the long article and the clothes. Which of these would you like to see on me the most? Which would YOU pick ?:)

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dress Up Doll (Photoshoot)

Sorry for a big delay, I am always like this, when it comes to blogging. This pause was caused by big life changes I had - Finishing my studies, getting a job, moving to Prague to live with my boyfriend. 

Now I am a grown up, no shit....! :D

I also had a lot of modeling work, I´m really looking forward to show you some results, especially from a photoshoot with italian photographer Gianni Russo, that lies on the border of glamour and fashion photography and is inspired by Charles Baudelaire´s Fleurs de mal.

But today I´d like to share with you some photos I made together with my boyfriend few weeks ago for a contest by czech lolita indie brand Porcelain Doll.

Dress Up Doll (c) Karolina Koblenova. Idea, Styling & makeup, postprocess: K.K., photographer: Denerog