Thursday, May 22, 2014

SoLolita almost head to toe... without being a lolita (Sponsored review)

Hello! Let´s go to VOLUME 2 post about what came in my last SoLolita parcel.
With the lavender wig there were 2 beautiful bracelet-rings and cute over-knee socks.
I wore it all for my photoshoot with my photographer friend Ketmara.

this is a little recapitulation of all my SoLolita items - I really think I can choose well :)

Black Lace Nonwoven Flower with Pearls Lolita Bracelet

A rather gothic lolita item, a bracelet with detailed black butterfly, passes into a victorian ring. Elegant and classy, yet dramatic accessory. I wore it in black -white combination, together with another piece of my SoLolita stuff - Over knee lolita socks, that you can find at their web as:

First I was worried about the socks, having already some unpleasant experience from random shops that sell lolita socks: Usually, what was meant to be over knee socks (It was! On a tiny, thin Asian model) was under-knee socks on me. My legs of average (I am quite slim and not very tall) proportions always used to deform the cute lolita designs, so Milky-Chans became mutant and lolipops were oval instead of round! Only my skinny legged friends wore these socks and looked normal.

BUT NOT THIS TIME!- see, these socks suit me, are long enough and elastic enough... 
chill in the sun---

Gorgeous Four Red Rose and A Big Flower Lolita Bracelet

This beauty was my love at first sight with instant "I-NEED-THIS"- kind of reaction!
I love the four rings - a rose on each finger, like those knuckle tatoos with LOVE or HATE written on one´s fingers. The rose rings are all adjustable, of course, so they´ll fit the middle finger as well as the little one. Four chains connect them with really HUGE red rose on your wrist.
I can wear it with goth, streetwear or something crazy boho- and in all cases it makes a cherry on top of the outfit. BEHOLD!

• shoes: Topshop • tights: OASAP • bag: OASAP • shirt: Amisu • floral crown: Classy lady (visit visit visit the page! It´s my friends´little brand)
• skirt, that you don´t see :D: OASAP • Wig: second hand from my friend Veni (you should definitely look at her blog for she has unique style and is all-over awesome!)

all photos by Ketmara! 
(you should visit her blog too, for she is not only a beautiful lolita, but also a talented photographer)

And this one is by Mike Darzi from my Tel Aviv shooting:
(Skirt: Fan+Friend, belt: H&M, ring/bracelet SoLolita)

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