Sunday, May 25, 2014

My Tel Aviv Dreaming

Click to read about my dream-holiday. 
But BEWARE, because:
1) it´s picture-heavy
2) It´s not a fashion post, you´ll see me in sweatshirt
2) there are my super-amateur videos too
3) I am sometimes being too sentimental

It´s already my second Sunday back in Czech Republic after I returned from a city (and country), where I, as it´s being said, left my heart. The city is Tel Aviv, Israel. I went there mostly for modelling (I was invited there by my friends- photographers) but it happened to be also a time full of traveling, walking barefoot,
watching sunsets from the rocks over the sea, meeting new people, eating delicious stuff...etc...etc. I cannot express how grateful I am for this opportunity I had and how much I loved being there. From the first sight it seemed like a dreamworld to me: City that never sleeps + beautiful seaside (as a sea person living in continental coutry without a shore I appreciate any sea, but Tel Aviv´s silky sand and warm water was just perfect) + incredibly friendly and cheerful people everywhere.

My first shakycam video with Hava Nagila Song:))

Every minute, even between photoshoots, I went to have a little adventure. Like watching colourful kites at the beach, or laying in sand and watching Hare Krishnas dance and sing. I am lucky enough to have such friends, they would take me to see Jerusalem and the Dead sea, as well as Judean dessert. And I was also lucky to meet people, so I would attend a mass at a synagogue on Memorial day thanks to a nice man I met... and I was given a good advise from a nice guy on Independence night party, that I should visit Haifa - so I went and loved it.
Last day I found myself walking the beach nearly crying because I knew I was coming again to a cold, windy, rainy, sea-less homeland. Reality check comes after every wonder-time. Anyways. I had stuff to look forward - and that "stuff" was my boyfriend and my friends and family as I could not wait to give them presents and tell them everything.
Can´t wait to visit Tel Aviv sometimes again. And also to travel Israel or elsewhere... I am planning to visit Corfu for this autumn for its crystal clear sea...

My second, more personal, shakycam video...

I let the pictures speak, don´t look for any chronology or order...
Purple Haifa...

 Messy Haifa

Dangerous Haifa

Dreamy Haifa

Everyday Haifa... did you know Gene Simmons was born there?

Minimalist Haifa

Windy Haifa

Happy me in Haifa, pic taken by local painter Nahum with whom I had a beer and nice talk.

Modern Tel Aviv

Vintage Tel Aviv (Vintage fair at Dizengoff)

Fashionable Tel Aviv

Fashionable me in tel Aviv - my photoshooting look for Mike Darzi´s work

View from my window. It did not let me sleep long - too much to explore...

Me as a glamorous traveler

Me as a silly traveler! :) (After Independence day´s night party in the streets)

Dead is beautiful! (The dead sea at sunrise)

A Jesus me.

A sweatshirt me. (At Judaean Dessert)
A wannabe-mysterious-sexy-tourist me.
The most addictive foreign food I ever had (hummus, must get some here in Prague!)

The most aesthetic meal I ever had.

Let´s float on the water! (Dead sea)

Clouds like they were painted.

Plastic bag-hat is a wise fashion choice when it will probably rain and your hat was expensive...

Golden Jerusalem

Military Jerusalem

Christian Jerusalem

A Monumental Jerusalem (Church of the Holy Sepulchre)

Nice Composition Jerusalem.

Colourful Jerusalem (The Bazaar)

Wishing Jerusalem (The Whispering Wall).

(probably most hilarious photo I have taken in Jerusalem)
The Tel Aviv, that I love the most: Colourful night, shiny sea, wet sand under your cold bare feet, sounds of the citylife singing along with the waves. 

A burning forest of beach umbrellas.

Late afternoon Tel Aviv.

Romantic Tel Aviv.

Synagogue at Frishman, TLV. Memorial Day. Big thank to Yossi!

Every day I asked myself "Where you want to watch the sunset from?" ... and I went, no matter if it was a hour of walking, or two. 

A nice encounter - Vikas who made my leaving day more cheerful, drank a tea with me, climbed a fence with me and healed my chakra.

The friends - photographers who invited me and were my superawesome guides.

I bought a little silver Hamsa pendant. And a jewish joke tank top. And a kipa - gave it to my boyfriend. And cheap round white/gold sunglasses. And Mike got me a set of Dead Sea Product for my family.
 And I collected a lot of seashells.
And I have written quite a lot today but definitely not all.

To see some pics from the photoshoots I was modelling for when in Israel, look here and you can find some.


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