Monday, May 19, 2014

Lavender waves (SoLolita Wig sponsored review)

Hello my dear readers/watchers/stalkers,

As you know already, I was lucky to get a chance to cooperate with lovely store SoLolita, who supplied me recently with more awesome stuff.
The total top is  a wig I call "the lavender waves" and that´s what I am blogging about in this post.

 It´s a fluffy, full, high quality lolita wig of lavender colour mixed with yellow highlights, that comes with two big detachable "pony tails". I love the curls, the material which looks silky and is smooth and surprisingly good to brush for a synthetic curly wig. Not talking about the colour combination, which is amazingly sweet.

At the store you find it as: 

                                               Lolita Dreamful Purple with Light Yellow Curly Cosplay Wig

I made many photos with the wig on already, some from fashion shoot I had with my friend Ketmara, some artistic and I even had this wig with me in Tel Aviv where I went for modeling - and used in a photoshoot as well!:) So my wig is not only universal but also world- traveled :)

OUTFIT #1 - photos by Ketmara
Inspired by the sixties and classic comics, I found a match in my yellow coat and the yellow strands of hair in the wig. The round black glasses go with black round buttons. This outfit was - to my big surprise - selected as "inspiration" at czech fashion critic web Modni Peklo! 

Wig: SoLolita
Yellow coat: Vintage
silver thin belt: Vintage
Apricot chiffon skirt, tights: Oasap
Suede wedges with golden studs: Aldo

This time it´s the wig with the hairfalls attached, creating more "manga" look with "big" head compared to the classically sexy silhouette in minidress. The loose galaxy print t-shirt dressed over the dress is for me a good way how to tune the "sexiness" down a bit. F. e. I wear it with the t- shirt at work, then go to the party and take the t- shirt off.

"Striped" little black dress: Oasap, tights: Oasap, Shoes: the same, Aldo, galaxy shirt: Amisu

...this backstage pic shows how I love SoLolita wigs! :D

And now let´s go for some artistic pics taken by Denerog in my studio:

and last one, from Tel Aviv by Mike Darzi:


  1. Very cool outfit and super nice pics too
    great job

  2. Oh! Nice photoshoot! I like the wig!