Thursday, April 10, 2014

Sideshow Cheerleader (outfit,DYI)

Freaks 1932 are my favourite movie and the chant "Gooble Gobble, one of us" is not only creepy as f*ck, but also it´s an incredibly strong chant of acceptance - of being different. I felt like having a shirt with it is a MUST, so I made myself one. The font I used and the design with stars is ironically similar to sport t-shirt designs, because I love the idea of Gooble Gobble being remixed and filmed into a fight chant with freakish cheerleaders dancing with pompoms...:) !

My outfit is basically inspired by 1950 ´s fashion - something like Grease´s pink ladies would wear in  parallel reality, where freaky is normal and "normal" is weird - exactly like in the Freaks movie.

I designed the motif in InDesign, printed it out, cut with scissors and use as a template for handwriting with textile colour. I used basic H&M asymetric long top.

more photos:

I also made a "REDRUM" shirt, a homage to King and Kubrick and their immortal classic The Shining. I´ll sow you next time.

Now a little more to Freaks. For my art exhibition I had in January I made 3 photographic self portraits impersonating Freaks characters - which were real people in 1930´s circus freakshow bussiness. I am fascinated by their lives and stories so much.

I used myself as a model because it was an inner experience for me to impersonate them. To feel like Daisy and Violet Hilton who are never alone, or like Josephine - neither woman nor a man, or like Elvira and Jennie Lee the pinheads, who are little girls in wonderland that never grew up though they are 30.

So here "they" are - all stylings/manips by me.

Feel free to comment - on the movie, or the self portraits, or the outfit - I really appreciate your words :3

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  1. Máš super styl. Hrozně se mi líbí spojení různých roztomilých a creepy detailů (třeba ty prstýnky), tak úchylný a cool. :D