Wednesday, March 19, 2014

End is near (outfit/ photoshoot/sololita wig review)

In last shironuri article you could see my Sololita wig styled and all feathered up and decorated to match the forest fairy look. But I know it is not the right review material so I did a little photoshoot with the wig when on meet-up with lovely Šárka, my future model :)

This time I left the wig straight, and only decorated it with a bow, beacuse I still did not cut the bangs and it´s so long it needs some pin to tie the hair to the side.
I love the colour, because I generally love mint and other pastel colours. This lenght also feels great to me, it´s my firt short wig and I love how comfortable it is. It is also easy to brush and the hair is silky, looking good in daylight or artificial light.
This photoshoot is basically two looks, because I changed a few details in the whole during the shooting to make one elegant and one rather gothic outfit. The black lipstick and neon shawl are what made the difference.

the wig is: 

"Lolita Short Straight White with Light Green Cosplay Wig"

and can be bought here at!

 Now for the photos:
(image heavy, photos made by Šárka BuckyCat, thank you!, and postproduced by me)


  1. Páni, skoro bych tě nepoznala. *_* Vypadáš skvěle!

    1. Ooo, děkuji :) No ty paruky ze Sololita fakt člověka změní, já třeba skoro nepoznala Tenshi, když měla tu svou :)