Sunday, March 2, 2014

Shironuri (look)

Today I´m showing you my firt attempt at Shironuri style. I painted my face white and put on some laces and pastels for my lecture at J-Culture at Pragoffest 2014. This is by the way THAT event, that got me together with my man three years ago:).
I had two lectures / presentations, one on Shironuri and one on wigs in lolita/cosplay/japanese street styles. It was such a great weekend!

(more under the cut)

(a photo from the bus:))

I found a hard time getting a good white makeup in Prague. I bought two (both are mainly for halloween/larp/cosplay purpose) and both were dissapointingly dry and tended to crack. I had to  correct it a lot and after my shironuri lecture I washed it down. So I am still searching for a perfect makeup...

I used my mint wig from Sololita, because my point of fashion were pastels. I feathered it up a bit and decorated with some accessories.
It´s this wig.:

Lolita Short Straight White with Light Green Cosplay Wig

It is a good quality, non-shiny wig of beautfiul colour and thick hair and I highly recommend the store.

The outfit´s keywords were pastels and layers. I basically just put everything pastel and fairy I found at home together and went:) I am kind of happy with the result. My favourite photo is this one:

Some experiment with long exposure (after I put washed makeup off)


  1. Úžasné! Naprosto!! Já po tobě na pragoffestu nenápadně pokukovala a chtěla ti říct i nějaké "ahoj, ty mě neznáš, ale já tebe občas stalkuju :D", ale bylo mi to hloupé a navíc se nenaskytla žádná vhodná chvíle...