Friday, January 17, 2014

Liebe ist ein wilder Tier (Photoshoot + SoLolita dress review)

Hello there - today there´s gonna be some serious fashion so check it out:)

As I wrote earlier, I started a cooperation with SoLolita, which offered me to pick two items from their store. Today I am going to show you one of those, a classical looking red long sleeved lolita dress.

At the beginning of the review, the team of SoLolita is wonderful. Both customer and tailoring service!  When I was picking a size, I was hesitating between two sizes. One seeme to fit me well in measures, but not height - the measure chart was offering the size for someone 15 centimetres shorter than me (which I found funny sice I tend to consider myself a hobbit being 166 cm with most friends taller than me). I wrote the contact person and told my concern about the skirt looking too short or the waist too high on me. I was asked for my actual measures and soon A PERFECTLY CUSTOM TAILORED DRESS CAME TO ME. Fits me really well:

Because this article has to have the proper review part, I will write about the qualities not visible from photographs. The fabric is very good, quite thick with not much need of ironing. The skirt is very full, looks good with no petticoat but is a little bit too heavy for a small soft petticoats. The frills on the skirt, buttons and details on sleeves are tailored very well.
The dress came with two detachable bows and a belt. That makes the dress versatile which I appreciate. I used the bigger of the bows in this look and put it on my waist. I am looking forward to wearing this dress for example in more casual way combined with completely different belt. It also looks great with nothing added, no bows and stuff.

In this close-up you can see the white lace collar, which I decorated with white floral brooch pin to have the look more detailed&decorative:

I went for my longest wig to wear with it, the dark brown "Silky straight" from Lockshop. With many shades of red (from brownish to bright) and burgundy together with white details (as the collar, pumps and hair flower accessories) I tried to create a classical lolita look in rather unusual colorway, as the dress itself seems "too bright" for the classic lolita style and so does the white.

My make-up was also white and red. I created this porcelain doll appearance with a twist of "ill" or creepy look as the eyeshadows are red and eyeliner pale. I played with my eyebrows this time, painting it also reddish tone and finishing it with black dots.

I love this carousel musicbox that you can see in the photo below! I bought it at Prague´s biggest flea market, it´s not as old as it looks like but it plays a Christmas song. I so very enjoy old circus and carnival theme in general, as well as carousel horse theme in lolita fashion. And... since this beautiful dress reminded me of this Rammstein music video, I couldn´t take the photos elsewhere than in trees and branches. But it´s no fairytale forrest, it´s our garden:)

Thank for the photos to my cute and skilled boyfriend Denerog!


Next post will review this light-mint coloured wig - the other item I was happy to get from
Stay tuned:)


  1. Boží photoshoot. Ty šaty jsou nádherné a paruka ti neuvěřitelně sluší!

    1. Moc díky! Jsem ráda že jsem si vybrala právě tyhle, ačkoliv jsem si nejdřív vůbec nemohla vybrat - bylo toho tolik... A paruka z Lockshopu je taky super, díky moc!

  2. Oh! The dress and wig looks amazing!!