Monday, November 18, 2013

Frills, Reptiles and IceCream - Lolita meetup in Pilsen (report)

After a long time I was at lolita meetup organised by my friend Venea in Pilsen. It was wonderful day full of fun, and if you wonder about the strange title, yes, reptiles and icecream played a role in it. Frills are self-explanatory. And I didn´t mention Mortal Combat - how could I? Click to read the whole article and see all the photos - that I tuned a little bit in my favourite Pixlr.

For starters, this is us. The meetup was small but that´s what I appreciated. It was basically a meeting of old friends (the formerly famous Pilsen lolita Community, Plzeňské ženy!!! :D - aka "The Pilsner women") with one fresh member:)

from left to right: Myra, Venea, Maxë, me and Barborka. (foto by Barborka, thank you:))

Our little group in industrial surroundings at the beginning. We had to go to "pee stop" to the mall close to the bus station (because bus station toilettes are dirty and expensive and here they are nice and for free:)

 Then we returned to pick up Barborka, who was cute as a cupcake with her pink dolly kei coordinate.

For starters we found a plce for photoshoot and started taking pictures, because everyone needs a LUČBUČ ( that´s a Lookbook post in our retarded czech lolita language).

Me playing princess. Foto by Barborka

I was wearing my new beautiful skirt by Madame Muffin, which is really wonderful and deserves its own article with a review. My "hair of the day" was a Comtesse wig by RockStar Wigs, which is my favourite at the moment. I styled it and decorated with some bows and roses from Claire´s. I am also wearing black bodysuit and a jacket from Pimkie. It was cold so I also had a fur coat, but it ruined the outfit so I took it off for the photo. My boots are my favourite black lack pair of Demonias.

A closer photo to see the details. The lips necklace is from Claire´s and the cute eyeball bow is a gift from my friend Ketmara. The lace gloves are from Katuka´s closet cleaning, I got 3 pairs and I love them all ( they hide my neglected manicure well :D)

Maxë in her lovely, matchy match as always classical lolita outfit.

Our First Lady, Venea, as beautiful classic loli with a bag to die for (Want it too! :))

And Barborka, also with wonderful bag :)

And here is Barborka minus Kitty head, plus winter coat and scarf.

Gothic aristocrat Myra was the elegant one. Very elegant. We all love your Ebay skirt!

Lolitas crossing the road, beware!

We walked across this strange, christmas-paper-wrapped house in the centre of Pilsen. We couldn´t resist to take some photos :

In the middle of all that we stopped for a lunch in Italian restaurant with really big portions when our last participant joined us. Here´s Rouwi: 

And now I guess it´s time for reptiles and ice-cream. 
So, reptiles (yes, the turtles in the minizoo really decided it was the right time for a coitus):

In Aqua Zoo (mini department od Pilsen Zoo in the centre of the city) they also apparently found Nemo (unfortunately they didn´t have Dory): 
(I really like that photo with the reflection, yeah)

Fancy spiders, anyone? Very loli indeed, scary as hell.

And the most horror part of the minizoo was this. It was dead, but gargantuous and so creepy.
That´s why we had to go to the biggest Ice-cream in town, to heal our creeped-out minds:

After the sweet-shop visit Barborka left us because she needed to draw for her school lessons, and we slowly left to Rouwi´s place. There we found our amusement in Playstations, especially Mortal Combat with all the really yummy animations :D I played like 5 characters but really liked this bitch: 

Then Maxe and I left to the bus back to Prague and the rest of the group partied hard ever after... : D
Looking forward to next lolita meetup :3

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  1. There is a shop now in the christmas paper wrapped corner ;), but those photos you took there are lovely!