Monday, February 4, 2013

The very first post

Welcome to KK´s Boudoir

 I just unpacked and the boudoir is only a plain empty room - but soon, I hope, it will remind a blog:)

I´m not new to blogging itself, but this is my very first attempt at writing it in English, which is not my first language (and will probably be my last foreign one since I´m not a language talent).

I´ve had a blog before on a czech domain which I started writing as a nerdy high school student obsessed with gothic novels, artistic movies and  Marilyn Manson :D Then I fell for a lolita fashion, became a photomodel/photographer, have graduated at university, met my boyfriend... and I left my blogging / internet activities for a while.

(okay, so this is me)
(yeah my fav colour is pink)

So now I´m trying it again and it will be simple - I want chiefly a fashion blog, with outfit photos, DYI projects (well, sometimes, since I´m quite busy all the time) fashion inspiration, wishlists, favourites, maybe with some samples of my artwork and photomodelling. And it wouldn´t be me if I didn´t write a bit about movies and music too.
Some of you may know me from LOOKBOOK.NU.

I´ve remade my old czech blog into gallery of my work as a photographer and painter, visit if you´re interested. Now I´m working on getting my own domain, making some nicely designed website and launch the gallery online with some more parade :)

For now, I have to get familiar with ... to be honest, I think I may be technically retarded :) I don´t know how to do anything here. Let me figure it out and see you again at my next post :)



  1. I'm so happy to see you here KK, finally a place I can stalk you a little more. Hope you will post a lot, or at least more than me as I turned to be a really bad blogger, but those times just come sometimes I guess...
    Also, the first photoset strongly reminds me of one photoshoot from ANTM cycle 6 :D Can't help myself,but I really loooved it back then..x)

    1. Thank you Tenshi! I was a bad blogger too, when I neglected my last blog so much:)So I, too, hope that I will post a lot of stuff here:)
      Yeah I´ve seen this photoshoot and like it alot, also it is very clever of the ANTM judges - it really shows which girls have the right photo-faces, because they cannot "hide" in their hair.