Monday, February 4, 2013

Movie night!

I pimped my blog up a bit and I feel like I´m gonna like it! Let´s celebrate with with another post - a movie-related one.

Yesterday me and two my friends (we used to attend the same grammar school) had our traditional girls-night with movies. We are horror fans and have this tradition for quite a long time, our first movie-night was watching The Exorcist many many years ago when our other friend totally spoiled it for us with funny cynical comments. It will never be scary for me :)

Yesterday we saw 3 movies. At first, Les Miserables, which I loved. 
The songs are great, everyone knows that, but so were the actors and production. I also loved the costumes/styling. I´m sure Anne Hathaway goes for the Oscar, it can be the classical "I-lost-my-fucking-beauty-for-this-role" cliché (remember Charlize Theron in Monster), but she played so well! And made so many people cry hard while singing I dreamed a dream, including me. I also actually liked her haircut, I just have a thing for women with buzzcut, being one myself. 

I´m a big fan of Helena Bonham Carter (and I´m starting to like Sasha Baron Cohen too) and they were perfect too. A comic relief between the scenes when all likeable character die one after another. From those I really liked Gavroche. Can´t wait to read the book (I never did because I always preffered British literature to French).
(Helena´s look is perfect)

The next movie we watched is a horror entitled Fragile. But ugh, I didn´t like it much and it wasn´t scary at all. I mean, there was a lot of potential in the "mechanical girl" ghost story. The two words make my imagination play and everything I think of is a lot scarier than the actual thing. It came out just lame and that girl (SPOILER ALERT)  (in fact rather an insane elderly nurse boogeyman) looked like some pissed off black metal musician. Rather funny than scary.

As it comes to scary little girls, the third movie we´ve seen yesterday made it better. It´s a 2009 thriller The Orphan. This is worth seeing. Don´t wanna make spoilers, so I just tell you, it´s a bit similar to the old Omen or We need to talk about Kevin (not nearly as good as that though) and it really has some surprising point.
And Isabelle Fuhrman is really talented.

(that poster is so predictably inspired by this, isn´t it?)

Have you seen those movies? Liked, disliked?
I´ll be glad for any comments:3

Next time with a fashion-related post, hopefully.

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