Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Drag Queen meets Lolita (makeup/outfit post)

I love playing with make-up so make-up posts will probably appear here as well.
These photos are from this years Prague Pride, a gay pride parade. I was offered to ride on a truck with my stylish friends, so I had to come with something special to wear. I always loved the traditional drag queen make-up, so I got inspired by something like this:

...and my result was this: 

Because I was in Prague at my boyfriend´s place, I only had a simple small pallette of eyeshadows, an eyeliner and a pair of blue lashes I borrowed from David´s sister. So not much material to make magic with. But still, I like how it turned out.
Actually I was asked that night what gender I was. It was a compliment for me! :)

Here are some another pics of the makeup:

I think the main trick is to make your eyebrows really thin and unnatural, if I had my own brows shaved, I would make them even higher and more curved. But unlike my hair, I´d never shave my eyebrows off. The eyes must be cat-like and the cheekbones higlighted to make the face less feminine.
I went for a sweet-lolita-gone-bad outfit, have never posted it at Lookbook before, so here it is: 

and here I am on the truck with my friends:

And my fave picture with Haru-chan (wonderlandharu.blogspot.com) - we are so Brandy Alexander, aren´t we?

I loved that day, I like to remember it especially now when it´s cold outside and nothing special is going on in my life. I look forward to next year and I have to think about my styling earlier!


  1. wow..you are so good! definitely amazing! it looks like you had fun at the parade! ^__^

    1. thank you! I´s so nice of you:3 And yeah, we had fun and it was very special day :)