Friday, March 8, 2013

Classy photoshoot by Pája

I -don´t- have-any-time-for-blogging-you-guys :(

The reason is mainly because I am finishing my diploma thesis so I feel nervous most of the time when I start doing anything unrelated to school/work. Can´t wait to have this finally behind me.

But tonight I needed a break so I found some photos in my laptop and started editing them - those photos are few months old (I can tell the difference because now I´m few kilos thinner) and were taken by my schoolmate Pavlína in our university´s photo studio. I came wearing my regular clothes, gold/black outfit with vertical striped tights and a waist cincher from H&M.

But it´s definitely the blonde wig that makes me look so feminine and classy on these. Otherwise, I´d look like an androgynous android as usual.

Talking about androids, wait for my next entry, cos I went shooting with Murhaaya ( last weekend.

Foto: Pavlína Malinová
Postproduction (yeah some basic retouch and color balances): me

I love that corset/belt/whatever it is. It was a real bargain, got it on 70% sale at H&M
As for the accessories, the bracelet is Marionnaud, the heart-shaped pin is vintage and the ring is my very favourite one from Lindex.

Like the look, but don´t miss having long hair. Does something like hair-phobia exist? Thinking about hair loosely touching my skin on shoulders makes me kinda uncomfortable. Reliving the bad hair days does as well :D

I like this one, cos it looks sad. I like sad things.

My legs - (cough) hairy (cough) - actually needed more retouching than my face :D

 In this one I somehow remind myself of Lisa Rowe, the perfectly insane character from Girl, Interrupted, played by Angelina Jolie. Meow!

Hope you like these as much as I do!