Monday, April 1, 2013

Flower obssesion (DYI)

As spring is still avoiding this corner of planet, I am compensating it by making flower accessories.
I like to wear flower wreaths on my head, so I made two this weekend and I also decorated my old Anna House shoes. Behold my flowery madness:)

My old shoes gained a new "himegyaru" look. There were little leather bows, which fell off soon, leaving the shoes unworn for a long time. Now I can wear them again. I went for this "kitchy" color combination instead of something more natural.

My wreath collection!

Wreath number one, inspired by Cicciolina. It has two rows of violet and lime-coloured roses. 

More natural one, with pink, yellow and peach roses and few daisies.
This is how it looks on me. On this photo the wreath was still unfinished, now it´s richer and fuller.

A zombie wreath, my old one. It used to be hot pink(it is the very one I wore on my "Selfportrait with dead birds" , but I painted it grey because of last year´s Halloween. I went dressed up as a corpse bride (not the Burton one)
I looked like this wearing it:

More photos of me wearing the wreaths are comming soon, hopefully, since I´d like to make the photoshoot in the nature and it´s still so freezing outside.

At last, I´d like to show my pretty flowers I got from my mum for birthday. Very apropriate since I´m in need of new brushes!

Thank you:)


  1. *_* Kytiček není nikdy dost. :D Ty věnečky jsou boží.

  2. Replies
    1. Yes I have, a very old one with no new stuff :)