Monday, April 1, 2013

My boyfriend´s boyfriend (Daily outfit)

A little cleaning of the closet brought its fruit. I found an epic vintage outfit. 

My first thought was that this dress is just too ugly. Then I tried to dress up and changed my opinion, they´re great, just very, very old-fashioned. It´s not a blouse with skirt, it´s full dress. My BF´s mother used to wear those in early 1980´s I guess. The look of the building corridors totally matches with the look, doesn´t it? :D

My co- star at this little photoshoot is this old little elephant, that used to belong to my BF when he was a kid. Note it has typical My little pony-ish mane. I love these kitschy toys from 1990s.


  1. tak ty botičky ty jsou teda užasný!!! a sloník též :D :)