Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kitch-iolina (daily outfit)

My DYI flower wreath and flower-decorated shoes have finally been worn together.
Lately I surround myself with kitschy things, paint kitschy pictures, take kitschy photos, so I naturally have urge for a dose of kitsch in my closet as well. This is my take on neo-pop in fashion. 
I am sort of borrowing the image of long blonde hair with flower wreath from Jeff Koon´s muse, italian porn-star and senator in one person, Ciciolina. 
And yeah, I do look like a tacky hippie barbie with a touch of fairy-kei.

More photos under the cut!

Lilac and red = strange combination, I wore it for the first time I think, and I like it. I realise now that I somehow want this Bodyline skirt as well. Wouldn´t mind to have it in my closet (of course the lavender colorway) to combine it with not-so-lolita stuff.

This is the only photo where you can actually see the birdie. It is a felt application sewn on the t-shirt. I got it from my mum´s friend, who owns a boutique with original handmade clothes from indie brands.

This building, totally abandoned, about fo fall down, is in centre of my native town, I pass it everytime I go to my parent´s house and always think how great it looks for a photo. I must make some art there before someone buys it and reconstruct it.

My old chain I used to wear like a belt or necklace in like .... middle-ages .... seems to be still a good item to wear. And that red elastic belt was a nice buy at

Thanks to Denerog for the photos:3
 There are few of them I couldn´t resist to pixlr-o-matic a bit.

And there is a bonus photo - me in front of one of my diploma painting:) I promise I´ll post them soon:)


  1. This looks so pretty! We love your floral accessories and your blog <3

  2. tak n první fotce jsem měla co dělat abych tě poznala! nádhera ta blond ti sluší ale zrzavá víc :)))

  3. Vidím gumové medvídky :) Outfity jsou skvělé. Ale to jsou v tvém případě vždycky :) (Mitsuki)