Monday, April 22, 2013


Today I´m sending my outfit for a Hell Party 7, which was last weekend, as well as some photos from the event itself, altrough I didn´t photograph much. My look is inspired by Easter. Crucifixion, flowers in blooms
and all that stuff. Minus the eggs, bunny rabbits and ducklings :)

As I write this, I feel like listening to this wonderful Easter song - Easter by Patti Smith. Gorgeous!

More outfit photos under the cut, this post is quite image heavy and prepare yourself for a little blood too.

I had a "circus" jacket over because the weather was still very cold. I like how creepy my eyes look on that one, it´s not a purpose, it´s a bad moment shot, but still. My pupils are rolled up into my head :D

I had a fun time doing my make-up, as you can see, I used double eyelashes, both rather extreme. The red accent under the eyes, together with really red cheeks makes a red "shadows" under the eye area, reminding me of bloody tears of virgin Mary statues. My eyes were so heavy with those lashes, yet I really enjoyed winking. How often one enjoys such thing? :D

And I love my new Gate cross double ring. I can wear it both "christian" or inverted way, but I prefer the traditional direction.

Now some photos from the party:

With my BF who was wearing a skirt - lame we didn´t take an outfit photo of him as well.

Drinking precious czech beer...

... makes me sleepy.

As for the performances, I enjoyed. It was my first Welcome to Hell Party, and I was pleased by the friendly atmosphere despite the rather bloody theme.

Brave people! I wouldn´t do it even for cash :D  


  1. máš bloglovin? ráda bych sledovala, ale když google reader končí, tak to nemá cenu na měsíc :) jinak věnečky jsou super, taky jich mám několik :D

    1. ahoj, nemám, ani nevím jak se to dělá, ale zkusím to zjistit a udělám si... vím že to mají všichni :)

  2. oh thank you everyone :) But Milex, save you obsession, I am kind of a regular girl actually, not one to be obsessed with :)