Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Dress Up Doll (Photoshoot)

Sorry for a big delay, I am always like this, when it comes to blogging. This pause was caused by big life changes I had - Finishing my studies, getting a job, moving to Prague to live with my boyfriend. 

Now I am a grown up, no shit....! :D

I also had a lot of modeling work, I´m really looking forward to show you some results, especially from a photoshoot with italian photographer Gianni Russo, that lies on the border of glamour and fashion photography and is inspired by Charles Baudelaire´s Fleurs de mal.

But today I´d like to share with you some photos I made together with my boyfriend few weeks ago for a contest by czech lolita indie brand Porcelain Doll.

Dress Up Doll (c) Karolina Koblenova. Idea, Styling & makeup, postprocess: K.K., photographer: Denerog

I went for very artificial dolly look, inspired by the strange beauty of japanese ball-jointed dolls. Hence the photoshopped joints :) .... As for the clothing, As the rules of the contest were set, I had to wear something from Porcelain doll,so I wore the white petticoat. It´s one of my very dear pieces, still looking good and making good shape, you wouldn´t tell it´s about 4 years old and often worn.

The idea was of an undressed doll, not unlike the one you can dress up at pupe.jp, in the magical forrest where dresses, hair and cute shoes grow on trees. My bald head perfectly matched the concept. 

I didn´t win the contest, but ended up fourth from many beautiful entries and that makes me happy enough :).

With the clothes hanging around, I got inspired by Tim Walker. He´s definitely one of my fav fashion photographers because of his twisted, fantastic, fairy-tale-like visions. 

(c) Tim Walker

If you are wondering about the new banner here in my menu, it´s my future sponsor brand´s. (www.Sololita.com) They contacted me few days ago and I am really excited about the cooperation, since they sell beautiful wigs and clothes - my favourites are those long victorian dresses *   *
This cooperation will force me to take photos more often, that is perfect, I need a motivation. But it´s a shame that winter´s coming again and I there will be no daylight for shooting :( I can see the difference every day...
 But - I´ll save this topic about So Lolita for next time because I plan to pick my favourites and create a wishlist.

Sloth hug



  1. I was quite sad that you haven't won any price. T_T Your photoshoot was quite scary but very well done!

  2. aww, thank you :) I guess it didn´t won because it a bit scary... but dolls creepy are as well :) From the contestants, my favorite photoshoot was Anasis´s.

  3. You carry out “scary” well, but I find that artsy rather than creepy. Perhaps that depends on one's perception of dolls. Like you said, yours has a “strange beauty of Japanese ball-jointed dolls” which just fit with the concept of Porcelain Doll. Barrie @ ArtOfSeductionChicago.com